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Genus nameNitrobacter
Alternative names
NCBI taxonomy ID911



16S gene copy number1

 In situOther
Hydrophobic cell surface

Electron micrograph of N. Hamburgensis. PHB = polyhydroxybutyrate. C = Carboxysomes. - Source:4

Aerobic heterotroph
Nitrite reduction
Short-chain fatty acids
Proteins/Amino acids

POSNEGVariableNot assessed


Nitrite oxidizer (NOB). Seems to play a minor role in WWTP 5. Can grow heterotrophically in the absence of nitrite and can reduce nitrate in the absence of oxygen. Considered to be r-strategists 6.

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Distribution plant/process configuration

Nitrobacter are considered r-strategists with low affinities to oxygen and nitrite and are adapted to a relatively higher level of nitrite than is available in most treatment plants, explaining why they are outcompeted by the K-strategist Nitrospira 7. They may occur in plants with spatially or temporally elevated nitrite concentrations 7 and they have been observed to co-exist with Nitrospira in some instances 1 8.

FISH probes

NIT3 5


 In situOther
Aerobic Heterotroph49
Nitrite Reduction2311
Sulfate Reduction
Short-chain Fatty Acids49
Proteins/Amino Acids4

Abundance Information

 10 % percentileMedian90 % percentile
Activated Sludge000

Predominant In-


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