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Genus nameLeucobacter
Alternative names
NCBI taxonomy ID55968



16S gene copy number1-3

 In situOther
Hydrophobic cell surface2122

Aerobic heterotroph
Nitrite reduction
Fatty acids
Proteins/Amino acids

POSNEGVariableNot assessed


Leucobacter are aerobic heterotrophs with rod shaped morphology 5. Several species within the genus are known to express resistance to chromium (Cr(VI)) 6 7 8 9, with a demonstrated ability for chromium reduction 6 7. Generally, Leucobacter show poor substrate utilisation with a limited ability to assimilate many carbohydrates and carbon sources. Nothing is known of their importance in activated sludge.

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Two subspecies exist for L. chromiireducens: L. chromiireducens subsp. chromiireducens subsp. nov. and L. chromiireducens subsp. Solipictus subsp. nov 10.


 In situOther
Aerobic Heterotroph56789111213141516171920
Nitrite Reduction121319
Sulphate Reduction
Fatty Acids5891011171819
Proteins/Amino Acids91115171920

Abundance Information

 10 % percentileMedian90 % percentile
Activated Sludge00.20.6

Predominant InInfluent


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