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Genus nameMethanoculleus
Alternative namesThe following species have been transferred to the genus Methanoculleus: Methanogenium marisnigri, M. thermophilicum, M. olentangyi [U106], and M. frittonii [15879239].
NCBI taxonomy ID45989

Taxonomy (MiDAS 2.0)


16S gene copy number1-3

 In situOther
Hydrophobic cell surface

Transmission electron micrograph of negatively stained cells (b) and scanning electron micrograph showing morphology of strain S3FaT (d). Bars, (b) 0.5 nm and (d) 300 nm. - Source:12

Short-chain fatty acids
Proteins/Amino acids

POSNEGVariableNot assessed


Members of the genus Methanoculleus are strictly anaerobic, hydrogenotrophic methanogens, which grow and produce methane from H2/CO2, formate and sometimes from alcohols 4. In pure culture cells are irregular cocci, that occur singly or in pairs 4. Several species from the genus Methanogenium have been transferred to the genus Methanoculleus 4 5 6.

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 In situOther
Aerobic Heterotroph46781011121314
Nitrite Reduction
Sulfate Reduction
Short-chain Fatty Acids15456781011121314
Proteins/Amino Acids513

Abundance Information

 10 % percentileMedian90 % percentile
Activated Sludge000

Predominant InAD - Mesophilic


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