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Read more about our conceptual model of the activated sludge ecosystem:

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Examples of articles citing and using MiDAS:

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DNA extraction and primer selection for Activated Sludge

MEWE 2013 workshop by Søren M. Karst (Aalborg University, Denmark).


The importance of a curated 16S database

MEWE 2013 workshop by Aaron M. Saunders (Aalborg University, Denmark).

The online MiDAS field guide is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


The MiDAS taxonomy is a manual curation of the Silva database and is redistributed for non-commercial use only.


Citing MiDAS: McIlroy S.J., Saunders A.M., Albertsen M., Nierychlo M., McIlroy B., Hansen A.A., Karst S.M., Nielsen J.L., Nielsen P.H. (2015) MiDAS: the field guide to the microbes of activated sludge. Database, Vol. 2015

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