07 September 2016
Top abundant bacteria present in anaerobic digesters and influent wastewater are now included in MiDAS database.

25 August 2016
We are including microorganisms found in anaerobic digesters and influent wastewater in our database

07 September 2015
Find out more about official release and download new version of MiDAS taxonomy

23 September 2014
new version coming soon!

28 April 2014
Welome to the new and improved MiDAS database. Read more..

The online MiDAS field guide is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


The MiDAS taxonomy is a manual curation of the Silva database and is redistributed for non-commercial use only.


Citing MiDAS: McIlroy S.J., Saunders A.M., Albertsen M., Nierychlo M., McIlroy B., Hansen A.A., Karst S.M., Nielsen J.L., Nielsen P.H. (2015) MiDAS: the field guide to the microbes of activated sludge. Database, Vol. 2015

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