We require some basic information about the anaerobic digesters to be sent together with the biomass samples (please see Appendix B). Those includes name of the digester (if possible), city and size of the digester, its design, and main substrate type. We will be happy to keep the digester names confidential, if you inform us of a need for that. The excel sheet for metadata contains an example of the information we require, and as can be seen, I has been made as a multiple choice to minimize the efforts required of our collaborators.

The metadata is key in order to make a database that can be a valuable tool for the community after the end of the project. In order to ensure this, we do not initiate analysis and sequencing of samples until the metadata has been received. We therefore strongly recommend that metadata be supplied immediately along with the actual samples.

xlsx appendix_b_metadata_catalogue_of_microbes_in_anaerobic_digesters.xlsx

Contact us at mail@midasfieldguide.org